if you're gonna send in a request, please read the art tab. the other one is technically not necessary but i'd prefer if you read it too.ty for reading!please do not send me direct messages out of the blue! they make me uncomfortable. thank you! (asks are fine, just not DMs) :-)

art-related questions

✦ is there anything you won't draw? ✦
there are some specific characters/headcanons/ships i won't draw, but to list them all out would be too long, so i'll delete the request if i get it
other than that:
-no post act 7 homestuck content, save for hiveswap/friendsim
-no incest/pedophilia/abuse/etc (yes, that includes kaeluc)
✦ can you tell me why you won't draw [x]? ✦
✦ what tablet do you use? art program? brushes? ✦
i use a wacom intuos draw and my program is paint tool sai. my brush settings change a lot but i usually draw with the noise and paper textures at varying levels of intensity.
✦ can i repost/use your art? ✦
do not repost or edit my art. using it as a pfp or header is okay so long as credit is given.
✦ do you take/do [x]: ✦
art trades/collabs: if we're mutuals yes!! i would be very happy to
commissions: i don't know if i'll ever open comms again, sorry
requests: usually i make posts when i'm looking for something to draw, but you can send them in whenever. don't expect it to get answered, though- i draw very slowly
requests to draw ocs: nope
✦ any other places i can see your art? ✦
i'm a mod for jadeharleydaily. i also post doodles on my oc blog (mwahrails), though i tend to reblog most finished pieces here. i post doodles/wips on my main, but there are also reblogs there and they're not super common. i'm not drawing a lot anymore, and most of it is selfship, which people are (understandably) not too interested in seeing. sorry for not having anything to post


✦ introduce yourself ✦
adult (20) / main blog is falthiere
✦ dni criteria? ✦
if you're an exclusionist or truscum don't follow me (includes being "neutral" in ace/aro discourse, and pan exclusionism as well). please don't follow if you're pro-ship either. hardjuners can also go away
✦ what fandoms are you in? ✦
my main interest right now is genshin impact.
i may also draw homestuck/hiveswap, persona 5, a hat in time, mystery room, undertale/deltarune, hades, danganronpa (just the first), final fantasy xii, and doki doki literature club. if you're going to request anything, please make sure it's from one of these fandoms.✦ uh, did one of your posts disappear? ✦
i trim and get rid of most non-art posts after a little bit, usually around 12-24 hours. i like my blog to be organized! if you needed a question re-answered or a clarification, then feel free to just ask again. asking off anon will almost always guarantee a faster and private response
✦ how do you pronounce your url? ✦
drawthiere: draw-thii-air
falthiere: fall-thii-air
thi pronounce like "thee" but not like "the"
✦ [insert nice ask here] ✦
if you send in one of these i'm sorry if i don't reply! i don't want to discourage them because it's very nice of someone to want to say nice things about Me, but i have trouble responding to them... self worth issues, you feel me.
✦ can i DM you casually/be friends with you? ✦
believe me when i say that you do not want to do this
also, just so yall know, i block empty blogs with the default icon and header, since i tend to assume they're all bots. if i block you and you are a Real Person, sorry